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About Us

Our founder, MaslulBeinleumi started his own small business in 1987 after gaining years of experience while working for a Fortune 500 company. His hard work, knowledge and heart for delivering excellent products to customers is what our the brand is founded on.


As we are entering into a new division of growth and potential to help feed our world in the healthiest way, we are now introducing organic bee honey from Rwanda and organic cassava flour. These products represent the heart and culture of our brand in providing customers with the quality and service they deserve.


We hold true to the principles MaslulBeinleumi began 33 years ago and we intend to keep feeding the world with our high quality, nutritious, and non-GMO foods. 



100% Organic Honey

Enhance the flavor of your food, soothe the aches of a sore throat, or enjoy a spoonful of honey for its health benefits; honey has multiple uses. We proudly sell 100% organic bee honey from Rwanda to our customers to give them the best ingredients they can enjoy!


100% Organic Cassava Flour

Finally you can indulge in your favorite recipes without worrying about chemicals or allergens. Cassava flour comes from Yucca, a root vegetable, full of nutrients and is gluten free. Now you don’t have to miss out on the foods you love with this amazing product!


100% Organic Hand Craft – Jewelry

We take our brand standards of quality to create jewelry and merchandise that are hand crafted from organic and all natural materials. From beautiful coasters and baskets, to eclectic handmade jewelry, each item is one of kind, ecofriendly, and created with care. True to our principles, here at MaslulBeinleumi LTD we keep our promise of excellence in every handmade piece to add value to our customers’ lives. Feel free to celebrate nature with colorful expressions woven into every organic and naturally crafted detail. We hope you enjoy our handcrafted, handmade, and heartfelt items.